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What is an Oil and Gas Landman?

An oil and gas landman is a member of the oil and gas industry that deals primarily with the acquisition, divestiture, maintenance and negotiations of public and private mineral rights of the properties used in the development of energy resources in the United States.

The Petroleum Industry

The global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing petroleum products. The largest volume products of the industry are fuel oil and gasoline (petrol).

Electricity from Oil

In the United States, oil is used mostly for transportation or home heating purposes, although a small percentage is used as a fuel for electricity generating plants. As with other fossil fuels, oil is found in underground reservoirs.

Petroleum or Crude Oil

In the United States, oil is used mostly for transportation or home heating purposes, although a small percentage is used as a fuel for electricity generating plants. As with other fossil fuels, oil is found in underground reservoirs.

Welcome to Black Diamond Marketing and Promotion, Inc.!

Oil is considered as one of the most precious commodities in the world market today. It plays a major role in the mobility of trade, generation, electricity, innovation and economic development. This is the reason why various explorations are being conducted so that producers can sufficiently supply the ever growing demand for this.

Black Diamond Marketing and Promotion, Inc. is one of the oil exploration companies that see the need for continuously finding resources to meet the large scale demand for oil. Explorations for oil reservoirs have successfully began in the mid-19th century and most are successful. However, due to the increasing need for this commodity, a lot of companies have ventured into oil and gas explorations in different places of the world.

Black Diamond Development and Exploration Co. Ltd., (BDDECL) aims to discover other oil reservoirs in the planet. We are deeply committed and dedicated in addressing the world’s need for more oil and gas sources to sustain the needs of present and future generations. Our continuous efforts in exploring other sources are indeed very promising. Surely, with the help of the advancements in technology for oil and gas explorations, we can deliver favorable results for the entire human race.


An oil refinery or petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.[1][2] Oil refineries are typically large, sprawling industrial complexes with extensive piping running throughout, carrying streams of fluids between large chemical processing units. In many ways, oil refineries use much of the technology of, and can be thought of, as types of chemical plants.

The crude oil feedstock has typically been processed by an oil production plant. There is usually an oil depot (tank farm) at or near an oil refinery for the storage of incoming crude oil feedstock as well as bulk liquid products.

An oil refinery is considered an essential part of the midstream side of the petroleum industry.

Black Diamond Middle East (BDME) Joint Venture with True Mobile Petroleum (TMP) features the 2nd Refinery: Total Marine Solution and Refinery.

Black Diamond Middle East (BDME) has partnered up with a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced oil to gas Kurdish company True Mobile Petroleum (TMP) in Kurdistan Iraq. Our combined experience, knowledge and passion will attribute to our success.

Black Diamond Middle East sole purpose is to refine oil into gas in Kurdistan Iraq. Black Diamond Middle East and True Mobile Petroleum is seeking to raise $5,000,000 USD for the purpose of refining 10,995 Barrels of oil per day or 1500 Tons per day for a private oil business while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next 12 months. Black Diamond Middle East is located in the Republic of the Philippines with its principle address being 1st floor Club Building B Clark hills Village, Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga 2009 Philippines that will refine oil within Kurdistan, Iraq with its local partner in Kurdistan Iraq True Mobile Petroleum (TMP).

A Glimpse of the New Office: Black Diamond Office Expansion

Take a glimpse of the New Office of Black Diamond as we take you to the new era of Oil Exploration and Petroleum Refinary Business. Making a new wave of International Relations and Marketing Experts who globally introduce the company's success in delivering a winning strategy in the Oil and Petroleum Industry not just from the Philippines and to Erbil Iraq but all over the world. We are proud to say that we are pushing forward on achieving the company's success and securing each and every one in Black Diamond along with it's Partners. We will sparkle and light up our way on the Oil and Petroleum Business.

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